Aboriginal Health Practitioners

Aboriginal Health Practitioners/715’s
Our Aboriginal Health Practitioners provide Aboriginal Health
Checks (715’s) to the Aboriginal community in the Yoorana
Gunya clinic to ensure clients receive the best health care for
optimum health. 715’s are a preventative health assessment
designed to support the specific needs of Aboriginal and
Torres Strait Islander people.
What’s involved in a 715?

Questions will be asked by your health professional including topics such as family, childhood, history, illnesses, social & emotional wellbeing and nutrition.
The health assessment will be conducted including height measurements, weight, blood pressure, eyes, ears and blood tests.
During your 715, the Aboriginal Health Practitioner may refer you to another service within Yoorana Gunya.

How often is a 715 Health Check?

Every 9-12 months a 715 can be completed.
Once you complete your 715 you receive a t-shirt.

All appointments must be made by calling receptions on (02) 68501222