About us

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About Us

MJL Sheds was established in the Central West of NSW in 2014 to service the needs of rural and industrial clients preferring a local and reliable shed design, sales & construction service.

MJL Sheds is owned & operated by Mick Livingston, who started his time in the industry as an apprentice in Swan Hill VIC after finishing school and moved to Central West NSW in 2012 to establish MJL Sheds.

Mick is very hands on with the business and will be your first and last point of contact during the design, delivery and construction phases of your new shed. Mick is a Licensed Builder registered with NSW Fair Trading and Mick personally supervises the design and construction of all MJL Sheds. MJL Sheds also holds a NSW Fair Trading Contractors Licence for shed erection.

MJL Sheds specialises in both cold rolled (C section framing) and hot rolled (fabricated steel) structures, which means we can deliver a cost effective solution to each of our clients.

MJL Sheds also has a design and construct solution which means we can customise the shed to suit your specific needs.

Services Offered

  • Engineering & Design
  • Shed Erection
  • Concreting
  • Scissor Lift Hire